Our Favorite Patient Testimonials


Absolutely love Doctor KJ! By far the best Chiropractor we have been to, even my almost 2 year old loves him! (Yvonne, Riverhead, NY) 

Welp I ve been goin to Doc KJ for about 4-5 years now. He literally saved me from neck surgery. This is the only way I can put it when it comes to Essential Chiropractic. Im an accountant and I have 4 chiropractors as clients that I can go to for free...I pay to see him........nuff said, they rock! (Cindy, South Fork, NY) 

After living in excruciating pain for over a decade, seeing every specialist and trying every pill, injection and therapy I was referred to Dr KJ by a friend. That phone call changed my life. I’ve been pain and pill free for almost 3 years. Dr KJ is the real deal. (Jamie, East Quogue, NY)

I knew of KJ through some co-workers but of course I never went until I had an issue. I have a sciatic problem that I’ve been dealing with which I tried to ignore for three months. I gained weight from not going to the gym, not sleeping....finally I decided to go. Of course in your twenties you perceive chiropractic work as something you need when you’re 70 years old. WELL I WAS WRONG!!!! When I walked in KJ was treating two little kids, and I had wished I started a very long time ago. I am only 29 and have been a hairdresser for 11 years. After I left my first visit I had a huge emotional release driving home because there was other areas I didn’t even know I was dealing with that KJ straightened out. I didn’t even realize how miserable I was. I’m not perfect yet, but I am sleeping every night and I am overall happier with my clients and family. I’m much more tolerant and patient. However, the big lesson for me was that you constantly have to take care of it and make better habits for yourself. The cost per visit is very fair especially for how you feel after treatments, a cost I think of as overhead in a business so I can continue my work not extra you’re spending on yourself!!!! Ps- what a lovely family office. (Ana, Jamesport, NY)

Dr Malone best Chiropractor on Long Island
Goes over and above for his patients
When I started to see him I was addicted to pain killers
He was able to get me pain free and off pills
I owe him my life
Thanks doc (Jimmy, Riverhead, NY)

I have been receiving chiropractic care for almost 45 years,and Dr.KJ ‘s adjustment is like none that I have gotten in the past. He’s caring and compassionate too!!! Call for an appointment today ! (Dan, Mattituck, NY)

Dr.Kj is awesome! I literally couldn't walk, hunched over taking baby steps.. after a couple of sessions I was back to normal, and feeling better after each visit. Dr. Kj is great at what he does and he's very nice and easy to talk to! I always love the end of our session when he gives you a "knock-em-alive"! :) The office is very calming and clean as well. I definitely recommend Dr.Kj to everyone! (Brianna, Remsenburg, NY)

Dr. KJ is wonderful!!! He adjusts our entire family on a regular basis.  He is great with kids and really knows how to knock out the kinks.  The atmosphere is very calming and inviting.  Any questions you have Dr. KJ can usually answer it on the spot as he is very knowledgeable.  We love going there because its the one Dr. the kids are never scared of.  They actually ask "when are we going to Dr. KJ's?"  Because when we leave there we all feel good!!! (Laurie, Westhampton Beach, NY)

I was introduced to Dr Kj several years ago. I was suffering from lower back pain and Dr. Kj was a life saver. During my first visit he explained exactly step by step what he was doing to help me and what exercises I can do at home. I see Dr. Kj often and I always feel so much better after my visit. Dr Kj and his staff always treat you more like a friend then a patient. If you are looking for a professional chiropractor who will put your needs first, and listen to your concerns, call Dr. Kj. I am so glad that I did. (Amanda, East Patchogue, NY)

Dr. Malone is the one to see! His experience and skill as a chiropractor and his optimistic, caring attitude offer the very best in chiropractic care. I have scoliosis and Dr. KJ has helped me so much. He has taken the time to get to know me personally and because of this can offer me many practical solutions to my health concerns. A visit to Essential Chiropractic is... essential! (Constance, East Quogue, NY)

​Gluten Free Changed Me!I would have never guessed how much my life would change after my first visit to Dr.KJ. When I walked into his office, I really only expected to walk out with an adjusted back. Little did I know Dr.KJ would send me off with more.Its been almost a year since I’ve been Gluten Free, thanks to Dr.KJ and Jeannie’s guidance. For the longest time I experienced the worst abdominal pains after eating and constant fatigue. Being that I have an autoimmune health issue, Dr.KJ asked about my symptoms before starting my adjustment. Within seconds, he told me to try cutting gluten out of my diet. At this point I was willing to try just about anything to put an end to the pain. Dr.KJ gave me an article to read that was about someone who went gluten free for similar reasons. The article amazed my parents and I. Dr.KJ told me to start attempting to cut down on anything with gluten. That night I completely cut out gluten. Being 17 at the time, it was a surprise to my parents and myself that I actually listened to a Doctor. For the longest time, Doctors have tried to “cure” my symptoms prescribing me something. Dr.KJ could not have made my first experience at his office any better. With the advice I received that day, my life has changed. Everyday since, I don't have pains and I feel all around better. I feel 100% healthier after this lifestyle change. An added bonus for me: Ive noticed that I rarely get a cold, coincidence? Maybe, but being someone who was sick every other week, I don't think it is. After having to explain to family and friends about why I went gluten free, some have made the change I did. Family, friends, and a High School teacher have gone gluten free and said they never felt better.Its safe to say that when Dr.KJ gives you advice, take it. Nothing is better than having a “knock them alive” feeling every day. (Reilly, Riverhead, NY)

Dr Malone's demeanor was friendly and professional. After asking me what was the problem his adjustment was very thorough. I feel it accomplished more in one visit that had been accomplished in the weeks prior. His crak-a-lack skills are the diggity bomb yo! (Andrew, Remsenburg, NY)

I started going to Dr.Malone when I became injured training Jiujitsu. I fell on my shoulder and was feeling pain in my neck and AC joint. I started treatment with my orthopedist... Pills that burned my stomach, dangerous shots into my joint that wore off.... And after 6 months was told I can cut out the joint all together. That's when I started with Dr.Malone. With in a few minutes he made some adjustments I was almost pain free for a day or two.. Neck pain gone.. I had a better over all feeling of health and never looked back. This guy is a life saver! Dr. Malone is the best! (Steve, Riverhead, NY)

​Before coming to the chiropractor I felt stiff, achy, and my lower back and knees were constantly in pain. Chiropractic has seriously changed my life, and I have zero pain in my back, almost none left in my knees, and tons of energy. I've even lost weight! (Britt, Nesconset, NY)

I loved my adjustments from Dr. KJ! It was not unusual for me to have bouts of pain in my lower back that seemed to stem from nothing in particular. One particular time I woke up and could barely move let alone get to the office for an adjustment. Dr. KJ carefully adjusted my back, worked on tightness in the muscles of my legs, and I was able to function much easier. The cool thing was, the adjustment continued to settle in during the course of the day and by evening I was nearly pain free. Dr. KJ knew exactly what to pinpoint to get me the results that were best. I am confident in his expertise as a chiropractor – he’s the best! (Laura, Boston, MA)

​Dr. KJ is great! No matter what ache or pain I brought to the table, Dr. KJ was always able to use his excellent chiropractic skills to help me feel better. Not only did I leave the office feeling physically better but Dr. KJ's sense of humor and charismatic personality had me leaving the office smiling and laughing! (Abby, Boston, MA)

​My very first chiropractic experience was with Dr. KJ, and I want to just say I haven't been able to go to anyone else. He is completely personable, a true professional, extremely knowledgeable, and always willing to answer any question I had for him. Before going to Dr. KJ I was sick constantly, I have a poor immune system. However when I started seeing KJ for adjustments, I started feeling sick less and less. He always made sure I was comfortable, and made me aware of what he was doing the entire session. I never felt unsafe. I always felt so relieved after seeing Dr. KJ too. He really improved my health, and helped me with changing the way I functioned. I do not think I've come to encounter a better Chiropractor. (Bridget, Somerville, MA)

I was in a lot of back pain before I saw KJ, and after working with him for a while I was amazed at how fast the pain went away. KJ then taught me how to keep it away! It was great. (Damon, Eastport, NY)

​My sister referred me to Essential Chiropractic. She had found relief from her back pain and thought I would also. I had a recent back injury and quickly found relief from Dr. Malone's adjustments. Soon I was able to move my body easier and more often. I actually felt years younger.  I continued to receive treatments while I was pregnant and found that I had a very healthy, pain free pregnancy. I highly recommend the skilled services of Dr. Malone. (Deborah, Riverhead, NY)

​Getting an adjustment at Essential Chiropractic was a wonderful experience. As a new client, Dr. Malone sat with me before the exam to make sure that I felt comfortable with the procedures and understood the benefits this adjustment would do to my health. After the treatment, I felt wonderful.  I have now been a patient of Dr. Malone's for many years and would never consider another practice...Dr. Malone is in my opinion the best chiropractor Westhampton Beach has to offer. (Jessica, East Quogue, NY)

​Work and play can take it's toll on the Human form in today's modern world.  Not only do your muscles have to be toned, but your skeleton also needs some help in keeping all of those bits and pieces aligned in their natural places.  I have suffered many minor and not so minor sports related injuries through out my years of an active lifestyle (Skateboarding and Snowboarding to name a few); but with Dr. KJ's smile and sophisticated Chiropractic techniques he could always aid me in being realigned/adjusted both body and mind. Thanks KJ! (Mark, Brookline, MA)